When windows are really clean

They bring the outside in.

The easy way to clean your own windows

When to use a window cleaning pole ?

You love clean windows

and want them cleaned regularly.

You want to save money!

You have time to Do It Yourself!

How do I clean my windows

like a professional ?

Without getting on a ladder.

Do you have any training videos ?

Yes we do have training videos !

External Window Cleaning was once a trade for the brave ladder climber. Now, with our Water Fed Pole Training videos, everyone can be trained to clean external windows within a couple of hours, leveraging ‘squeegee window cleaners’ to focus on internal and hard-to-reach glass. These videos are ideal to help you succeed if you are new to our industry, and also for entrepreneurs looking to employ and train more staff to expand their service business professionally.

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We thought we would have some fun making an INFOMERCIAL for this Kit

and it was really fun .. check out this video and see the potential of this kit to SAVE YOU MONEY !

The benefits of cleaning your own windows

Save Money

Professional Results All Year Round

It's as Easy and as Safe as Vacuuming

Tell us what you want to do ?

Clean ground floor windows

Clean 2 storey windows

and ground floor windows

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